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psychotherapy services provided

I offer virtual psychotherapy services to suit the unique needs of my prospective therapy patients. I provide a range of options, from individual sessions to group therapy, to help you achieve your goals. I strive to provide the most supportive care possible. 

In our sessions together, we may delve into the present, and we may also explore your past. As we become more curious about your past and present experiences, unexpected connections may unfold. The promise of our work together is a deeper understanding of your thoughts and feelings, and insight into your wants, urges, suffering, and joy (and all the emotions in-between) that make you YOU. With this insight and understanding, you will re-imagine potential, unlock the cage of your mind, and develop the ability to change on your own terms.

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To schedule an initial session or ask more about services provided, fill out the form below. Need to get in touch right away? Give me a call at (703) 727-5213.

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