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about Madeleine

28+ years of yoga and mindfulness experience

Madeleine is a yoga and mindfulness teacher, as well as counselor-in-training based in Santa Barbara, CA. She has over 28 years of yoga experience, is certified in Somatic Psychotherapy, and has been teaching yoga for over a decade. Shakta Kaur Khalsa introduced her to yoga at two years old, and ever since yoga has been a special part of her life. She has taught at Yasa Yoga, Yoga Soup, CorePower Yoga, and SWELL in Santa Barbara, California.


Having studied under Ryan and Stephanie Besler, Annie Carpenter, Brock and Krista Cahill, Michael Stone as well as many others, she is passionate about the physical and mental benefits of yoga and focus on strong, clear alignment as well as creating a safe space for developing a positive relationship with oneself and in return, with all beings. 

Yoga has changed, and will continue to change throughout the course of history, but Madeleine firmly believes that at its core, yoga is a healing practice of awareness and authenticity that is relevant and useful to all beings everywhere. Let’s use the practice to yoke in and find personal, universal alignment.


Check out Madeleine's interview on Yoga International with her first yoga teacher, Shakta Kaur Khalsa here:

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