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On Therapy

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Therapy helps you to engage in your life and see more clearly. From therapy sessions, you will learn how to be the most authentic version of yourself and connect with the world. After time in therapy, you become comfortable feeling deeply. You will experience the rainbow of human emotions, notice habits, and develop the ability to change on your own terms.

I believe in the power of talking and putting thoughts and feelings into words. Language is an incredible tool that helps us communicate with ourselves and others. Developing the ability to put thoughts and feelings into words can help foster a stronger sense of self and build more profound connections with ourselves and others. With deeper connections and a stronger sense of self, we learn we are not alone. Feeling in company can remedy many of life’s battles.

Life becomes more open when we discover that we are not alone and that our minds can help us find new possibilities. The cage of our mind unlocks; in fact, we find that the door has always been open, and health and wellness can exist. This is the promise of therapy.

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